Looking forward

2012 began well and ended well, with a bit of a slow decline in the middle. I’ve just passed my 1st anniversary with my boyfriend (so you can see 2012 started very well indeed). January also saw the start of my first job out of university from which I learnt great patience with other people and myself… but ultimately became my low point because I needed to do more. Thankfully I have a wonderful friend who thought of me when an opening popped up in a role which suited me much better, I applied and got the job and hence 2012 ended on a high.

2012 was a lesson in managing my money better and my blog post back in May is now firmly a musing from the past. The managing of money started in the form of cycling to work (saving myself about £100 a month when I still lived in Hackney). The lease ended on that flat in July and I took the opportunity to take a ~£200 a month drop in rent and moved into a room in a house in Harrow. So I saved money on travel, the gym, and rent. Huzzah! I’d made the decision to make sacrifices last year which I hope I can look forward to changing back in the near future.

So for 2013 I’ve decided to make aims rather than resolutions because everything’s getting settled anyway. A friend once said to me that once things start improving after university it’ll start to snowball. And it has! Great words of wisdom. So my aims are:

– continue learning Japanese. My boyfriend speaks Japanese and I wanted to learn another language so I began to learn hiragana over summer and for Christmas I was given books to really get me going. Long may this continue!
– I’ve invested some money in my cycling and got some road shoes with cleats and new pedals for Christmas too so there’s an aim here. The boyfriend and I want to do John O’Groats to Lands End in 2 years time so to build up slowly I want to be able to cycle from London to my parents near Dover. That’ll be around 80-100 miles. Sounds pretty good actually, I’m really looking forward to this one when it’s a little warmer.
– the next few are related to my living situation. I like my privacy and currently live in a room without curtains which backs onto a garden which backs onto an open playing field. The room the most depersonalised I’ve ever rented too, mainly because I knew I’d only be here for a short period of time. So my first aim here is to live in a flat which really feels like home. Now I have a full time job and can live a little further out of the centre of London (although within a 10 mile radius. Harrow is too far), I can afford to leave the student price bracket and feel more like an adult. Feel more settled and more at home when I get home… rather than like I’m squatting I’m someone else’s home. Which is kind of what it is, but doesn’t need to feel like it. Right? I can own furniture, good quality kitchenware, matching towel sets. Basically not feel like a student anymore with mismatching furniture thrown in by the landlord because they don’t think it’ll outlive a student lease. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck with flats. Apart from Hackney.
– secondly for my home I want to buy a really nice piece of artwork. For me this means large scale wildlife or space photography.
– to finish, I want to print and frame more photographs for my walls and shelves.

Did everybody go through this feeling of settling into a home after university? I hope so, I don’t believe I’m one of a handful of people who wants matching towel sets.

2013 is set to be brilliant.


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