Lea Bridge Road terrible redesign.

I moved to Walthamstow in March and so most days I travel along Lea Bridge Road in both directions to and from work. At first I was really pleasantly surprised as there’s a cycle path on both sides a fair bit of the way, sharing a lot of space with buses as well as sharing a narrow space with pedestrians. So far, I haven’t seen any problems, and pedestrians and cyclists have both been very courteous to each other.

In it’s previous form, my one major criticism is this, going eastbound:

Bike path bus stop

Bike path bus stop

The bike path line vanishes… and then bus stop. There was (thankfully only) one time I nearly collided with a person stepping off the bus even though I slowed and tried to keep an eye out. People coming off the bus maybe don’t know to look, and they step off far into the path as the bus drivers don’t look before opening their doors. Ridiculous design.

This aside, it’s a very quick road and can bring you very close to cars and buses. To my horror a few weeks ago a redesign has begun further east along the road just on the approach to Walthamstow/Leyton.


Another vanishing bike path

Now, this bike path has saved me from being crushed by cars thinking there’s more space than there is by attempting to overtake me. Unfortunately, I have also had to scream at a bus as it edged into this bus lane right next to me. Nevertheless, I am (was) very grateful for it. The pavement has been widened seemingly pointlessly as it just adds half a meter to the other side of those pillars. Will this space actually be used by pedestrians? Valuable space has been taken away from the road.

The other side of the bridge, same direction

The other side of the bridge, same direction

I’m really hoping the bike path gets put back in here once the roadworks are finished.

So after my dismay at these changes, I looked to the other side of the road and saw another narrowing of the road:

Narrowing of the other side of the road

Narrowing of the other side of the road

Does this or does this not create a dangerous pinch point?


The other side of the road, looking west

The answer is yes, yes it does.

Waltham Forest Council, what have you done? Cars already overtake dangerously here, I think it’s time we unfortunately prepare for some accidents.



3 thoughts on “Lea Bridge Road terrible redesign.

  1. coshgirl says:

    I agree this is an absolute disaster for cycling. It’s made an already tricky bit of road even more dangerous. Why on earth does the pavement need widening at that point – it’s hardly like there’s a lot of footfall at that point. Just stupid.

  2. Gerhard says:

    At lea bridge this is simply a narrow pavement where cycling is allowed. I find it strange that bus drivers should be expected to judge when to open the doors based on where on the pavement cyclists happen to be and how fast they are riding. It is quite easy to avoid crashing into people. Yes, this should be better, but how without losing a stacking lane or building a new bridge?
    As of Bakers Arms, the gutter cycle lane that was there was rather hazardous I’m afraid. I think the perceived safety it provided was just that, perceived. I would expect the new scheme to have a 9m carriage way and 20mph. The pinch point was there before because of the bridge, but now there shouldn’t be a sudden kink so that merging works better.
    How about suggesting a better solution and working with the waltham forest cycling campaign?

  3. zm says:

    I us Lea Bridge road every day. After long time they have finish roadworks at Bakers Arms. I wonder if anyone else noticed that start od Lea Bridge road, just off the Lea Bridge roundabout there is no marked cycle line. It would make big difference if they mark it as road is wide enough. Cars behave diffrently when there is a marking. This is all the way from roundabout to Chatsworth Road. Does anyone know to who we could complain about this?

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